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Woodlands & Meadows


Keepers Wood

Spring leaves on one of the driveways that run through Keepers Wood. The wood is also known as Ashton Plantation.

Rownham Plantation

Rownham Plantation, see the top of page photo. Quiet woodland area with many blue bells in Spring.

Smyth Field

Smyth Field is a broad meadow running down from the Mansion House to the UWE campus and Ashton Park School grounds. Both campus and school were built in the estates old grounds. Photo from Kennel Lodge Road with a distant Dundry Village at the top of Dundry Hill.

Summerhouse Plantation

Summerhouse Plantation is immediately above the mansion car park. See the oak with the broadest bole on the red deer park side of the wood.

Top Park Field

Wild flowers in Top Park Field photo taken close to the Timberland Trail, with the New Barn Wood on the right and Durnford Quarry to the left.

Wildlife Meadow

A nature reserve managed by the local Wildlife Trust. At the top of the estate near to Top Park Field.

The estate has a many different woodland and meadow areas.

Church Wood

Church Wood, is close to Church Lodge the wood runs along the estate western boundary running up to Coombe Lodge in Clarken Coombe. The church is All Saints Church in Long Ashton.

Clarken Coombe

Clarken Coombe again on the western edge of the estate. Above the Coombe in Winter after a light snowfall.

Lime Avenue

The driveway leading to Clifton Lodge in early spring. You can see more on the lodges, on the mansion page.

Domesday Oak

The Domesday (or Doomsday) Oak in Winter showing its supporting timbers. Sadly a large portion of the Oak has collapsed so these photos are rather out of date for now.

Ice House Plantation

Just below the mansion you can see the Ice House in the shelter of the Ice House Plantation trees.

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