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Rownham Plantation



Inside Rownham Plantation the foot paths are narrow dirt tracks, steep in places, mucky in places, sometimes a bit over grown. Not to surprisingly its one of the quieter places in Ashton Court.

Scrub woodland that grew up on the woods edge and blocked views of the deer was removed recently. Making the plantation a good place to view the red deer.

I have seen wild Roe Deer inside the plantation too.

Rownham Plantation

Rownham Plantation is on the south facing slopes of Rownham Hill, as the photo above shows its immediately above the red deer park that you pass if you enter the estate via Kennel Lodge Road.

Its very easy to reach from the mansion car park. Just walk to the car park entrance on Kennel Lodge Road and look for a wide footpath running up the hill with a tall fence on one side.

Walk up the hill a short way you enter the red deer park. Take the first path to the right to go to Rownham Plantation. Its a level path and about 150m to get to Rownham Plantation.

Note that if you don't turn right to Rownham Plantation, you can continue up with Summerhouse Plantation to your left. This is a wide unpaved track that continues up to the very top of the estate. Both paths at times can give very good views of the red deer.

Bluebells in April Bluebells are particularly plentiful in Rownham Plantation, photo taken in April.

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