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Balloon Fiesta


Jaguar car, I think the owner also owns and flies the Scottish Piper below.

Turtle BalloonChicken Balloon Turtle and chicken special shape balloons.

Bertie Basset

The Red Arrows

Note that the Kite Festival moves to Durdham Down in 2015, see some photos from its Ashton Court days here.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The is a huge free event that occur on the Ashton Court Estate.

Note that while entry is free there are parking charges. You can support the Balloon Fiesta a not for profit organisation by paying for official parking inside the estate.

Running each year from the 1st or 2nd Thursday in August to the following Sunday, the 4 days of the Bristol Balloon Fiesta are Ashton Courts biggest event by far.

See the Balloon Fiesta (external link) website for the details of events. There will be road closures too (not shown on Sat Navs), so check the event website if you intend to visit by car.

Balloon launches are subject to weather, the special shape balloons in particular like light winds. If its to windy to launch there may a tethered inflation like the one below.

A tethered inflation of the Special Shapes Rodeo.

To get a good idea of the flight path of any balloon launches see Wind Map Britain (external link).

Friday morning launch

Friday morning mass launch