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Domesday Oak


The path is steep in places but when you reach a roadway, walk on down the roadway and look for the oak with its branches supported by timbers close to the roadway and on the downward slope.

Depending where you come up it should be only 100m or less on the roadway going down, if you go much further than this go back and have another look.

Access from the mansion car park on Kennel Lodge Road or the golf course car park from the A369 Clifton Lodge entrance in Leigh Woods.

Sadly the Domesday Oak is rather a shadow of its former self with much of the tree now collapsed. I will update this page when I can.

Ashton Courts Domesday Oak (or Doomsday Oak) is thought to be about 700 years old.

Unlike most of the old oak trees on the Ashton Court Estate its been given a 'little' help - with supporting timbers and wires holding the central trunk together.

From the Leigh Woods entrance car park (the golf course), walk back along the roadway you came in by, at the first junction turn right.

Continue on down the roadway, the doomsday oak is below the roadway in the first group of trees that get very close to the road. Approx. 800m (½ mile) distance from the car park.

If you approach from the mansion car park, walk on the roadway above the mansion until you reach the driveway that goes down to the mansion. Then go up on the gated path nearly opposite the driveway. The Summerhouse Plantation trees should be close by on your right and above.

The balloon launch site is to your left as you walk up the slope, in the very early mornings you may see some balloon launches or a test inflation by Camerons Balloons.

Domesday Oak in Winter Three older photos of the Domesday Oak above in Winter and below in Summer then Autumn. The Summer photo taken from above the tree on the roadway, the other two from below.
Domesday Oak in Summer
Domesday Oak in Autumn