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Unusually close to this group of young fallow deer, right beside the fence within 1-2 metres here.

There are two deer parks in the Estate one near the mansion car park (on Kennel Lodge Road) for Red Deer, the other on the estates Western side for Fallow Deer.

There is also at least one other wild species of deer in Ashton Court, the Roe Deer.

Fallow Deer

The fallow deer park is fairly central on the estate, you can reach it easily from any of the three car parking areas.

From the Leigh Woods entrance car park (the golf course). Go back on the roadway you came on in at the junction go left.

Follow the roadway deeper into the estate, after about 800m (½ mile) you reach Keepers Cottage with a good view of the mansion. The fenced deer park continues downward on the roads right side.

From the mansion car park on Kennel Lodge Road. Walk past the mansion continuing along Kennel Lodge Road deeper into the estate, when the road forks go right for about 400m. When you reach the fenced deer park you can go left along a track into the wooded Clarken Coombe or go up along the roadway towards Keepers Cottage.

There is an unfenced foot path running through the fallow deer park in the wooded area of Clarken Coombe. Remember to follow any instructions on the gateways.

Fallow deer are usually much more timid than the far larger red deer and also can be in the woodland area of the deer park in Clarken Coombe. You stand the best chance of getting close at the quieter times near dawn and dusk.

Rather sleepy Fallow Deer let me get very close to take this photo on a early March morning.

Above photo looking back towards Bristol. The two red brick warehouses once held 'in bond' duty free wine and spirits. Both are on the north side of the new cut of the River Avon.

Red Deer

The red deer park is immediately to the right as you pass the University of the West of England's campus in Bower Ashton. Parking is available in the Mansion car park at the top of Kennel Lodge Road, this is very close to the deer park.

From the mansion car park walk away from the mansion back towards the deer park, go up the hill when you reach the deer fence. Two tracks lead into open areas where the Red Deer may be. Keep to the paths and please read and follow any instructions posted on the gateway.

Red Deer herd (external link).

Red Deer on the upper pasture between Summerhouse and Rownham Plantations.

Below Red Deer in moult on a hazy May morning.

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