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Ashton Court Estate


Balloon Fiesta

Ashton Court Estate's big summer event is the Bristol Balloon Fiesta, with over ½ a million visitors during the 4 day event, when the weather if good.

Do note because this is such a large event, there is likely to be delays at peak times especially in good weather.

Bristol Balloon Fiesta, morning mass launch.


With deer enclosures for both Fallow and Red Deer its sometimes possible to get quite close to the deer.

Above Fallow Deer on a early March morning.

Red Deer on the upper pasture between the Summerhouse and Rownham Plantations.


There are a lot of ongoing activities too:

Walking of course, the estate has a wide variety of woodland and meadows to explorer but also: Cycling and Mountain Biking, Golf Pay and Play, Balloon Launches, Horse Riding, Miniature Railway, Deer Feeding Walks, ...

Many charity events too.

Links & Neighbours

Ashton Court Estate is close to the National Trust's Leigh Woods, the Avon Gorge, Clifton Downs via the Clifton Suspension Bridge and by a footpath through Burwall's Woods Bristol's Historic Docks.

All worth a look in their own right.

Ashton Court, Bristol UK

Just 2 miles from the centre of Bristol, Ashton Court Estate remains almost entirely surrounded by Somerset countryside. Owned by Bristol Council since the 1950's, the estate is now a major recreational area for Bristol and North Somerset.

The estate is about 850 acres of woodland and meadows with a large mansion, deer keepers cottage and 5 gatehouses or lodges.

This web site is about Ashton Court Estate as it is today. A mixture of ancient woodland its natural wildlife and many activities & events.

I favour the woodland walks, deer parks and other wildlife over the cycling, miniature railway, golf and other activities and enjoy the major events like the Balloon Fiesta. But whatever your preference Ashton Court Estate is well worth a visit.

I will just note that while I am a frequent visitor to the estate myself, I have no involvement in the estates business, see the links page to visit the Bristol Council website.

Peter Frost, Bristol.

Mansions and Gardens

Ashton Courts Mansion hosts many functions including corporate activity days, receptions, weddings, dinners, balls and banquets.

The gardens are open to the public and include a ha-ha with a view looking down over Smyth Field, the renewed in 2006 rose garden and of course the towering Giant Sequoia's and their squirrels.

Ashton Court Mansion south face.

Woodland and Meadows

Its not all the hustle and bustle that the festival and activities pages suggest. There are many much quieter places on the estate.

Bluebells in Rownham Plantation.

The 700 year old Domesday Oak near the Deer Keepers Cottage in the centre of the estate. Sadly somewhat reduced in size since this photo was taken.

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